Practical Exams and Assessments

Professional-level qualifications in adult health and fitness require confirmation of knowledge and skills competency. This is done through practical observation and testing to ensure a measurable standard of safe and effective practice. This assurance is what sets Fitness Alberta Certification apart. It is why our group exercise and personal training certifications:

  • qualify for professional insurance coverage for our members
  • are recognized by other national and international certification bodies, and
  • are transferable across Canada and internationally

Your practical assessment is a cornerstone of our certifications. It means that you have demonstrated to a qualified professional, the skills and competency needed to offer safe and effective services in your certification. 

Choose the assessment that applies to your situation from the tabs below. 

  • Choose group exercise CERTIFICATION practical exam if you are:
    • certifying for the first time
    • challenging back in with an expired Fitness Alberta certification
    • recertifying after your credentials have lapsed for more than 1 year but less than 2 years
  • Choose group exercise RECERTIFICATION practical assessment if you are 
    • Recertifying with Fitness Alberta for the first time in that specialty, either on time or up to 1 year late 
  • Choose CPFT practical assessment if you are:
    • completing Certified Personal Fitness Trainer certification

Group exercise CERTIFICATION practical exam

Find out what to expect for your group exercise CERTIFICATION practical exam. 

Group exercise CERTIFICATION practical exam

Group exercise RECERTIFICATION practical assessment

Learn about group exercise RECERTIFICATION practical assessment requirements. 

Group exercise recertification practical assessment

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer practical assessment

Learn what to expect in your Certified Personal Fitness Trainer practical assessment. 

CPFT practical assessment