Host Fitness Alberta courses

Education is good business. Offering Fitness Alberta courses is a great way to support your business, retain good employees and improve the quality of the services you provide to your customers.

How to get started

We will support you to find Trainer-educators & Assistant Trainer-educators who are qualified to teach the courses you would like to offer. We will also help with course planning and advertising.  

Offering Fitness Alberta courses provides you the opportunity to support your staff with industry-recognized professional development, and to have a first-look at up and coming talent in the industry. Trained staff means more fun, more choices, less risk and better outcomes for your customers. 

We offer certification in personal training, and group exercise with a range of specialty options. We also offer advanced training options in pre and post-natal fitness, and aquatic tether training. Offer courses that complement your business, facility capacity and the needs of your customers. 

All Fitness Alberta courses must be delivered by a qualified Fitness Alberta Trainer-educator, or Assistant Trainer-educator. 

Fitness Alberta Group Exercise Certification Courses

How it works

  1. Find a Fitness Alberta Trainer-educator or Assistant Trainer-educator to facilitate the course you want to offer

  2. Discuss the course agenda with the Educator-trainer

    • Set the course fees (based on Fitness Alberta minimum course fee requirements), and time .

    • Ensure facility requirements for space, equipment and registration are in place 

  3. Complete the online certification course application for approval

    • The Educator-trainer can complete the course agenda for the application

  4. Once approved, advertise the course and order resources 

    • Course manuals can be ordered through the store

    • Once approved and scheduled, your course will be listed on our website

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