About Trainer-educators

FAB certified Trainer-educators and Assistant Trainer-educators are highly qualified, experienced fitness professionals and skilled educators. They walk the talk of fitness and leadership in Alberta communities. Trainer-educators play an important role in Fitness Alberta certification, mentoring new candidates on their certification journey. They:

  • deliver Fitness Alberta certification courses, exams and practical assessments to new and recertifying candidates
  • offer professional development to fitness professionals 

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Find a Fitness Alberta Trainer-educator or assistant Trainer-educator to deliver a course at your gym, or to help you with your practical exam or assessment. 

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Deliver practical assessments, specialty courses and professional development to new candidates and to Fitness Alberta certified members. 

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Trainer-educator resources

Find all the resources you need to deliver Fitness Alberta courses and practical assessments.

Trainer-educator resources

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Grow your reputation and add value to your business by training and retaining qualified exercise professionals. 

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Trainer-educator Recertification

Renew your Trainer-educator, Assistant Trainer-educator certification. 


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