Grow professionally

Expand your horizons. We offer advanced certifications to support your professional growth. Learn new skills, expand your client base, scope of practice and professional insurance.  

Become a Trainer-educator

Use your leadership abilities, advanced credentials and experience to teach Fitness Alberta core courses and mentor new candidates through their certification process. 

Trainer-educator certification course

Become an Assistant trainer-educator

Step up your leadership skills to mentor new candidates into our growing community. Apply your experience to deliver Fitness Alberta group exercise courses and practical assessments. 

Assistant trainer-educator certification course

Pre postnatal exercise

Learn the skills and knowledge you need to expand your scope of practice to offer pre postnatal fitness to your group exercise classes or personal training sessions. 

Pre postnatal exercise

Aquatic tether training

The Aquatic Tether Training course is designed to complement the Fitness Alberta Aquatic Exercise certification.Learn tethering movements and concepts that add variety to your aquatic exercise classes.

Aquatic tether training

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