CEC petition application

If a course or workshop you attended has not been previously approved for Fitness Alberta Continuing Education Credits you can petition for CEC approval. (Petitioning does not guarantee approval.)  We will review and respond to your petition within 2 weeks of submission. Please note that courses cannot be reviewed for CECs prior to being taken; the course must have been taken and proof of completion provided with your submission in order to be reviewed. 

Continuing Education Credit petition

To have your petition for CECs approved:

Step 1:

Fill out the Learning Outcomes Chart for your course

Step 2: 

Please complete all areas of the online CEC petition application form. 


Courses not accepted through CEC Petition:

  • Master classes / workouts
  • Practicums, Internships, mentorships & teaching hours, writing exams
  • Self-study time spent preparing for an exam, hours spent preparing to teach a course
  • Content already covered in Fitness Alberta┬« certification courses
  • First Aid training
  • Non-educational hours (i.e. lunch breaks)


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