Virtual practical assessment requirements

Practical Assessments are required for initial certifications and first recertifications of each specialty. If in-person classes are not available, assessments can be completed via live stream or pre-recorded video from home with friends or family. 

What you need to know

Complete your virtual practical assessment for group exercise certification on live or recorded video

You can live-stream or make a pre-recorded video (requirements are below)

  1. Contact a Fitness Alberta Trainer- or Assistant Trainer-educator to set up your assessment. 
  2. Access the practical assessment form for your specialty or designation
  3. Complete your assessment, receive feedback and the forms from Trainer-educator.
  4. Submit completed practical assessment form, with feedback, with your recertification documents.

Recording Requirements:

  • Minimum – 45 minute class/session
  • Leader and participants must be in view at all times so instruction techniques can be seen
  • Minimum – 2 participants (who are 18 years and older): these can be family members, or other adults, within current guidelines
  • Music should not overpower the leader’s voice
  • New participants/clients must complete an informed consent and PAR-Q+

Current Trainer- Assistant trainer-educator list

Contact a trainer-educator to arrange your assessment

Current Trainer- Assistant Trainer-educator list