Fitness Alberta powered by the AFLCA

June 29, 2021, 2:14 pm


The AFLCA has changed our name to Fitness Alberta. After 39 years in non-profit certification and education, we felt it was time to make a change.

Our name has changed but our mandate remains the same. For 39 years the AFLCA has been a champion and leader across Canada for standards and evidence-based certification for exercise professionals. In our 40th year, we felt it was time to make a change to reflect the breadth of our work and to set us up for another 40 years. And so, we are Fitness Alberta, powered by the amazing legacy of the AFLCA. 

Why Fitness Alberta?

If you have been to a public recreation centre, private gym, or fitness agency in Alberta, chances are you have worked with an AFLCA certified exercise professional. Our community of certified group exercise and personal training professionals work in more than 200 Alberta communities. Their work is empowered with evidence-informed certification and continuing education. Together they provide hundreds of thousands of hours of safe, effective physical activity to Albertans in all demographics. Our biggest impact is right here in Alberta.

We are more than a certification provider. We are a national and international advocate for professionalism for exercise practitioners. Our work has established a system of registers for qualified Canadian exercise professionals. We have also established standards for group exercise and personal training certification that are recognized across Canada and internationally. 

We work in partnership with private, public, and educational organizations and also at the community level here in Alberta to champion healthy active living and to bring awareness to the value that qualified exercise professionals bring to our communities. 

Why now?

Our new logo and website have been on hold for more than a year. Like many of you, we have experienced challenges throughout 2020 and 2021. These challenges have taught us resilience and we've learned a great deal. Not least, we've learned to adapt and change. 

As we moved through and beyond the impact of the pandemic, it was time to dig deep, and get the new website up and running. We are launching our new name along with the website in the spirit of renewal and shared resilience of our communities. 

What's changed?

Our new website will help us to serve you better. On the surface, this website is more clear, up to date, organized, and professional-looking. Our hope is that you can find what you need easily.  

Underneath the surface, this website has a lot more going on than our old one! It's got some built-in functionality to help us streamline our core services–courses, continuing education, certification, and information so that you can have a better experience. This behind-the-scenes work is still ongoing and will be for a few months. Eventually, we will have our education, courses, and all of our services interconnected. This is a big job so bear with us as we work out the kinks! 

Our new website is, and our new email is 


What's the same

All AFLCA certifications remain valid. Over the course of the next renewal period, we will update certification cards to reflect the new name and logo. Our staff, office, and location are the same. Our core services: certification, education, professional development, and advocacy are the same. 

Our mandate remains steadfast. We are and will continue to be Alberta's most trusted non-profit provider of certification and continuing education for exercise professionals. We continue to champion standards, evidence-informed education, and professionalism for exercise practitioners. We continue to advocate for healthy, active living for all Albertans. 

We are Fitness Alberta, but we will always be powered by the AFLCA. 

We would love to get your feedback, so please feel free to contact us at Your thoughts and ideas are welcome.