Put your qualifications to work

You may have education or other qualifications that meet our standard, and can be applied to Certified Personal Fitness Trainer accreditation. These qualifications include:

  • other certifications or
  • Canadian and international post-secondary education (see below for accepted coursework)

Review the CPFT Performance Standards, to understand the skills, knowledge and competencies expected. 

Complete the qualifications review form and upload your certificate or proof of post-secondary education (e.g., transcript).

Apply your qualifications

More about required course work

To qualify for review your completed post-secondary courses must be: 

  • from a two or four year program at an accredited University or College
  • earned in a related faculty such as Physical Education, Kinesiology, or Personal Fitness Training

You will need to submit proof of coursework in the following competencies:

  • Human Anatomy
  • Human Physiology
  • Exercise Physiology 
  • Movement Mechanics 
  • Physical health assessment
  • Health related benefits of physical activity
  • Exercise prescription and program design
  • Human behaviour 

Submit your credentials

For more information about the knowledge and competencies we require for certification, please review the Certified Personal Fitness Trainer Performance Standards.