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Recertification requirements

Trainer-educator recertification renewal fees are due annually, on July 31.  Conference Attendance is due biennially. 

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    Outline related activities

    To maintain your qualifications you must stay engaged with Fitness Alberta-AFLCA activities, such as:

    • teaching courses
    • completing practical assessments  
    • volunteering with Fitness Alberta projects
    • writing a CEC article
    • developing a short course 

    Email us at for more information about this requirement.

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    Conference Attendance

    To recertify you must attend either Fit Rendezvous or the Perspectives in Exercise Health & Fitness conference. The current period for this requirement is from July 31, 2022 - July 31, 2024. This includes:

    - Perspectives 2022

    - Fit Rendezvous 2023

    - Fit Rendezvous 2024

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    Professional conduct agreement

    You must sign and adhere to the professional conduct agreement. 

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    Maintain CPR

    You must maintain current (annual) CPR. 

    CPR and first aid providers

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