Assistant trainer-educator

Use your expertise. Turn your qualifications into mentoring and leadership opportunities. 



Assistant trainer-educator

Apply your experience and qualifications to mentor new candidates into Fitness Alberta. Join our community of qualified, respected assistant trainer-educators and deliver practical assessments, and group exercise specialization courses to our community. 

Application deadline: TBA

Include in your application:

  • Contact information

  • A one page letter of intent identifying the benefits you bring to the Fitness Alberta

  • A copy of your current Fitness Alberta certification (and specializations)

  • Optional: Letter of support from a currently certified Fitness Alberta Trainer-educator verifying your facilitation and leadership skills. (The Trainer-educator must have seen a minimum of one of your classes to comment on your leadership skills and/or adult education facilitation skills)

  • Resume outlining relevant experience, for example, adult education experience, courses or workshops facilitated, continuing education credits, Fitness Alberta co-training events

  • Video (25 minutes) of you leading an exercise class demonstrating your cuing, technical expertise and leadership abilities

  • Video Requirements

  • *Upload video to YouTube and send the direct link by email.

All applications will be reviewed by a selection committee. Acceptance is not guaranteed and incomplete packages will not be reviewed.

Assistant trainer-educator scope of practice

  • Assist Fitness Alberta Trainers-educators in the facilitation of certification courses.

  • Conduct practical assessments for Fitness Alberta leaders in the areas certified in.

  • Facilitate group exercise specialty courses in those certified in (if certified in Group Exercise)

  • Act as ambassadors/representatives of Fitness Alberta

  • Follow Fitness Leadership Canada Performance Standards, Fitness Alberta standards, and the Fitness Alberta Code of Conduct.

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