How to certify in group exercise

From foundational courses to completing a practical assessment in the area of your choice, here are the steps you need to take to earn Fitness Alberta certification in group exercise leadership. Join our community of more than 2,000 certified Fitness Alberta professionals. 

Step 1: Core courses

Fitness Alberta group exercise certification requires that you take our Foundations in physical activity and exercise course, and a minimum of one specialty group exercise course, for a minimum of 44 hours of instruction.
Foundations in physical activity and exercise
Foundations in physical activity and exercise (formerly exercise theory) provides the underpinning knowledge in anatomy and exercise physiology you need to deliver safe, effective exercise classes. This course is a pre-requisite for group exercise fundamentals, specialization courses and designations. It is evidence-based and available for home study, or in person. Leaders have one year from the end of their Foundations course to write their Foundations exam.
Specialty and Designation Courses
Once you have taken foundations in physical activity and exercise, you can start a group exercise course in the following specialties: fitness for older adults, aquatic exercise, resistance exercise or group exercise. The group exercise specialty is a two-step process: Group exercise fundamentals followed by the designation of your choice - step, choreography, mind-body, portable equipment or cycle.

Step 2: Write your exams

Foundations in physical activity and exercise (formerly Exercise Theory), and specialty exams can be written after courses are completed. Fitness Alberta exams are proctored, and offered online. All of our exams have a minimum passing requirement of 80%. Successful completion of both exams is required before certification is awarded.
Foundations in physical activity and exercise exam
Foundations in physical activity and exercise (formerly exercise theory) exam is offered online. A minimum passing requirement of 80% is required. (Supplemental exam sittings are available if needed). Leaders have one year from their first attempt of the Foundations exam to complete the certification process.
Specialty exam
Specialty exams are offered online. A minimum passing grade of 80% is required before certification will be awarded.

Step 3: Practical assessment

Once you have completed your specialty and/or your designation course(s) you are required to pass a practical assessment from a qualified Fitness Alberta® trainer-educator.
Practical assessment
Practical assessments are given by Fitness Alberta certified Trainer-educators, or assistant-trainer-educators. They will observe your leadership skills in a class setting and provide feedback using set criteria based on learning outcomes for your designation or specialty.

Step 4: CPR

Proof of current CPR, issued within the last 12 months from an approved provider is a requirement for Fitness Alberta certification. Online CPR will not be accepted. *Please note: CPR must be valid for more than 3 weeks after certification date in order to be valid for certification. Certification date is the last day of the month you submit documents.
Approved CPR providers

Step 5: Apply for Fitness Alberta certification

Once you've completed your courses, passed your exams and practical assessments, and obtained your current CPR, you can submit your information and pay your fees for Fitness Alberta certification. Fitness Alberta certification comes with professional insurance, registration, and many other member benefits.
Fitness Alberta® certified professionals will be listed on FitDirectory, the Alberta register of qualified exercise professionals.

Challenge into Fitness Alberta

You may have existing qualifications that will allow you to bypass one or more Fitness Alberta courses and proceed directly to writing your exams.
Apply your qualifications
Qualifications, such as relevant post-secondary education from an accredited college or university, may be used to challenge some of the requirements for Fitness Alberta certification. Challenging allows you to bypass one or more of the certification courses and move directly to writing the exams.